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It’s more like ESPlearning

Cedar Interactive Elearning customized training solutions create cutting edge virtual classrooms anywhere, anytime allowing learners to absorb information in a uniquely intuitive sort of way. Backed by our proprietary cognitive science research, our Elearning solutions are as user-friendly and as insightful as you can get. Using emerging technologies, we develop compelling coursework that not only engages employees but also encourages them to use what they have learned. This allows for quick absorption of information and makes learners proficient rapidly. When information is presented in entertaining and interactive ways like games and simulations, we turn viewers into participants and provide them with the tools to grow and thrive.

Cedar Interactive Elearning solutions are the optimal training methods for fast paced workplaces. With flexible training that is accessible 24/7 to an entire workforce, business critical information can be absorbed at each individual’s own pace, allowing everyone to stay on top of training and on top of their game.

Meet your instructor, Sara Bellum

Let’s put our heads together and go from zero to productive faster. Cedar Interactive’s high impact Instructor Led training creates immediate engagement with learners. Engaging Cedar Interactive trainers bring content to life with interactive learning activities that are custom designed and incorporated within each course to enhance learning and increase retention of materials and skills – quickly. Cedar Interactive face to face training is interactive, visually appealing, realistic, relevant, collaborative, compelling, and greatly maximizes the impact of training.

Competition through games and quizzes and real-time feedback allows facilitators to assess how well learners understand information. The ability for learners to respond improves the instructor’s capabilities to address how they are learning and create an atmosphere of social learning that builds interactivity and strengthens bonds. In addition to integrated content, Cedar Interactive’s trainers can address specific scenarios that employees face and get learners acutely invested, in turn increasing performance.

We’ve turned the boob tube into brain gain

Think about how much you’ve learned from YouTube. There’s a video for everything. When smart storytelling is combined with custom-designed video solutions, you get real results. Videos can help learners visualize how something works, show difficult to explain information and engage learners through sight and sound. They’re more memorable and result in better learning outcomes. They also make a great impact in just a short time.

Cedar Interactive’s video-based training has many advantages. Content can be broken up into multiple, shorter lessons that are easier to absorb, retain, and recall. And, they’re well suited for the younger generations. Video-based training also allows for ease of access. They’re device friendly and a superb choice for remote workforces. When information can be retrieved on demand, the exact information is relayed to employees at their greatest point of need. Easy access to consistent messaging eliminates variations that could come with different instructors. Video-based learning is increasingly efficient, effective and even affordable.

blended learning
Left brain. Right brain. All kinds of smart.

Blended training programs ensure the most effective learning experience by utilizing all of Cedar Interactive’s brilliant methods. By combining instructor led training and online, self-paced training, we can best meet every need of your organization and of your learners. Our Blended solutions connect instructional technologies and techniques together, providing a solution that’s increasingly mobile, and reliant on social collaborative technologies – giving you every advantage of both.

With a customized blend of solutions, we are able to reinforce the application of the learning. Training participants can complete segments of the training from any location and then apply the knowledge learned during interactive instructor led classroom training. Blended learning is a cost-effective solution that minimizes training time for your employees and reduces cost. Our integrated training solutions turn potential into profit faster.

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