Onboarding & Orientation

Solutions for Onboarding & Orientation

There’s so much to absorb during Orientation – company background, mission/vision, operations, and benefits. New employees usually focus on the tactical aspects of Orientation, such as filling out health insurance forms and getting their workstations set up. Often, the organization’s message is lost. Cedar uses realistic situations to help employees not only learn, but practice, and be able to articulate, the vision, mission, and organization’s products and services. The learner can refer to organization information to make statements and respond to questions, both in training and back on the job. Cedar has developed orientation programs for a variety of organizations, including non-profit and social action.

Not-For-Profit Organization Training Benchmarking Study
Amnesty International
Comparison study conducted to assess client organization compared with similar NFPs. Provided important input to organizational training decision-making process for future training initiatives and methods.

New Employee Orientation
Alzheimer’s Association
Online training to quickly orient new employees to mission, vision and values through case-based learning scenarios. Minimized time to bring new employees up to speed and sharing correct association information and messages.

Marketing Onboarding Workshops
Orientation programs for new marketing and sales department employees.

Proficiency Measurement Tool
Social Security Administration
Analysis and quantification of proficiency metrics for Customer Service Representatives, to facilitate measurement criteria in determining success of training methods and initiatives.

New Employee Orientation
Companies and organizations with widespread workforces face difficulties in bringing their new hires up to speed, including…
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