ShareSmarts® – Knowledge Transfer Process

• Critical personnel nearing retirement age?
• Want to save time and money by fast onboarding of new people?
• Mentoring programs ineffective or underutilized?
• Critical skills at risk from personnel turnover or promotions?
• Workflow overly dependent upon single individuals?

These situations create critical gaps in the knowledge and skills needed for an organization to perform to its potential.

Harvest your expert knowledge before it walks out the door, with ShareSmarts®.
The ShareSmarts process lets you capture, transfer, and document this critical knowledge and skill, and continue doing so in the future! Benefits include:

  • Accelerate Speed to Proficiency
  • Drastically shorten the learning curve for new personnel
  • Increase workflow capacity
  • Become less dependent on single owners of knowledge
  • Capture knowledge and skills for the future
  • Train participants to perform Informal Learning on the job
  • Maintain and update knowledge on an ongoing basis
  • Improve organizational resilience
  • Establish mentoring relationships for ongoing support

The ShareSmarts process consists of two facilitated workshops, supported by intervening coaching calls to ensure progress and motivation. Participants work in knowledge teams including the Expert and Protégé(s), and ideally the practitioner’s manager (for a short time, if possible).

  1. The first workshop focuses on Alignment – identifying knowledge, prioritizing it, and planning the transfer process.
  2. In the second workshop, the Action phase, participants transfer and capture knowledge according to their action plan.
  3. Following the workshops, in the Acceleration phase, participants continue to execute their action plan using the ShareSmarts tools in their daily work, yielding ongoing benefits.

The workshops are fully interactive, with discussions and small group activities, so participants stay engaged, motivated to continue, and deliver results.

The process centers around the ShareSmarts Toolkit, a collection of standard and proprietary tools to help participants capture, preserve and discuss their findings. These tools make extensive use of real-world scenarios, and result in a well-documented and communicated flow of information between the participants.

The process distinguishes between Tacit and Explicit knowledge, with an emphasis on collecting Tacit knowledge:

  • Explicit Knowledge: Codified information, normally found in documents databases, procedure manuals, etc.
  • Tacit Knowledge: Undocumented, intuitive knowledge and know-how, gained by experience (aka wisdom), which usually resides in the mind of the expert. This is often critical but hidden knowledge that Experts may not even “know that they know.”

The ShareSmarts process lets you capture, transfer, and document this critical knowledge and skill, and continue doing so in the future…
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