Public Service Programs

Solutions for Public Service Programs

Sometimes training needs to focus on issues as well as skills. Cedar works with clients to identify the message, the tone, and the audience, and then designs training that equips learners to articulate and convey the issue, and to represent the organization with accuracy and sensitivity. Cedar designs realistic scenarios in which learners make statements or respond to other viewpoints, or interact with people whom the organization serves. Feedback goes beyond “correct” and “incorrect” to present a realistic response, given the situation. Cedar has worked with a broad spectrum of public service organizations on issues ranging from client intake to government lobbying.

Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Public Workshops
Alzheimer’s Association
Maintain Your Brain and Partnering With Your Doctor public workshops for delivery by Alzheimer’s Association Chapter personnel to general public groups. Includes train-the-trainer and marketing materials, as well as manufacturing of materials.

Public School Excellence Workshops
National PTA
Workshops and presentations developed to encourage and facilitate adoption of National PTA Schools of Excellence program. Variations and materials for four audiences: Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Volunteers. Included Train-the-trainer and pilot testing.

Online Training for Local Grant Writing
National PTA
Online training program to encourage local PTA organizations to apply for grants a,d training them in how to do so. Used Performance-Centered Learning cased-based approach.

Expert-based Sales Online Training Modules

Alzheimer’s/Student Partnership Workshops
Memory Bridge Foundation
Workshops and curriculum to support pair-bonding program between middle/high school students with persons with Alzheimer’s Disease, to provide therapeutic benefits for Alzheimer’s sufferers and cultural/educational benefits for students.

Women’s Wellness Programs
HealthEd (for Lilly)
Series of instructor-led public workshops, on the subjects of osteoporosis, heart disease, depression, genito-urinary disorders,healthy lifestyles.

Women’s HIV Awareness Workshops (12)
Quadra (for Gilead Sciences)
English and Spanish language workshops providing women with essential information on HIV awareness, and assessment of HIV risk.

Case Study – Grant Writing
If these grant writing skills could be imparted to local chapters, it would offer an excellent
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