Transportation & Utilities

Solutions in Transportation & Utilities

This group represents those organizations who get us there on time, and keep the lights on for us when we’re home! Here Cedar Interactive features a wide range of solutions from safety for lineman to logistical tools for railroad employees.

Simulation-Based Certification Testing
United Airlines
Online cased-based assessments to test Customer Serviice Representatives in handling and logging customer complaints, using company process and custom data management system. Included realistic scenario development, system simulations, learning management system communications.

Network Basics Online Training
United Airlines
Online training course to teach airport personnel basics of networks and network technology, for background knowledge in supporting troubleshooting problems.

Printer Operation and Maintenance
United Airlines
Online training course for “Superuser” ticketing personnel to troubleshoot printer problems, at the point of need. Featured realistic simulations, and hands-on exercises.

Mobile Knowledge Workstation Analysis and Design
Review and design of knowledge and trainng aqcess on ruggedized laptop computers, to improve performance of field service personnel.

Field Service Training Analysis and Design
Review of knowledge transfer plan for field service linemen, due to approaching retirement age of current personnel, and design of knowledge collection and training for new replacement personnel.

Rail Line Simulation System
Metra, Caltrain, Union Pacific
Simulation of locomotive view for rail lines using digital video, including indexing system for instant access to rail line features and components; used by rail personnel to guide emergency first responders, perform contingency planning, and assess and budget rail maintenance projects.

Infrastructure Visualization
Video Simulation for accessing trackside feature, and maintenance planning…
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