Training Development

Strong project management skills, top-notch instructional design, and first rate media production.



Video-based instruction

Blended Learning

Wouldn’t you like them all in one place, so you can rest easy, know the project is in good hands, and will result in a successful training program that will be a credit to yourself and your organization?

Training development is more than just making an outline and filling it in with content and slides. To build good training, really effective training, training that actually changes behavior and improves performance, is no small feat. It requires planning, writing, media production, testing, revision, retesting, and evaluation.

That’s what we do.

We use the ADDIE development process:

Phase I – Analysis and Design

To ensure the client approves of the training before it is created, including scope, budget, and time. Would you start building a house without a blueprint?… read more

Building Expert Performance

Cedar has become known for helping our clients increase sales and reduce costs by designing learning that accelerates
Speed to Proficiency… read more