Speed to Proficiency

Unlocking Hidden Sales and Savings

What is Speed to Proficiency?

“Speed to Proficiency” refers to the time required to bring a person up to a proficient level of performance at a job or task.

What can Speed to Proficiency do for me?

Significant sales and savings can be obtained by shortening the time needed to bring people up to speed.
For Sales Positions: People getting up to speed sooner means more sales sooner – increased sales.
For Salaried positions: People getting up to speed sooner means less salary paid for people working at sub-proficient levels – salary savings .

How can I find out the extent of my hidden sales or salary savings?

We can quickly show you whether there are any potential benefits, and if so how much (in real dollars). For a free initial analysis, contact us now.

How can Speed to Proficiency be increased?

The time required to get people up to speed is affected by various factors, depending on the situation. These include, but are not limited to:

• Hiring & Compensation
• Training Design and Technology
• On the Job support

What is our process to help organizations increase their Speed to Proficiency?

1. Pre-Analysis ballparking
2. Analysis
  • Identify or develop proficiency evaluation criteria
  • Identify current speed to proficiency,
  • Identify factors affecting  current speed to proficiency
  • Identify S2P drivers and pressure points
  • Identify potential S2P acceleration activities
  • Evaluate ROI potential
3. Design
Detailed recommendations for S2P accelerators in three areas
  • Hiring and compensation
  • Initial training
  • On-the-Job support and experiences
4. Development
  • Hiring & compensation detailed recommendations
  • Training
    • Technology & delivery methods
    • Curriculum planning
    • Instructional Design (PCL)
5. Implementation
  • Rollout activities and communications
6. Measurement
  • Proficiency benchmarking
  • Recommendations for further accelerators to S2P program

Areas of benefit:

  • Sales
  • Call Center/Customer Service
  • IT Systems
  • Leadership/Management
  • Manufacturing production
  • Services – Healthcare providers, retail, food service

Sharpen Your ROI

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