Sales Training

Solutions for Sales Staff

Traditionally, sales people learn about the products they are selling separately from learning about selling skills and methodologies. Separating product knowledge from selling skills leaves sales people unprepared to combine the two when they are in actual selling situations. Cedar integrates sales training to help sales people understand both what they are selling and how to sell it.  Cedar helps sales people learn how to apply their product and technical knowledge to real selling situations. Realistic sales scenarios prepare sales representatives for actual sales calls with customers. Our sales training programs have spanned many products – from pharmaceutical products to building materials – and a variety of sales channels – including direct, dealer and distributor networks.

Pharmaceutical Sales Training
Training workshops for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, to support sales of new cholesterol and renal medicines, among primary care physicians; delivered at annual sales training event and conferences.

Online Sales Training on Hematology and Related Conditions
Baxter Bioscience
Training modules on subjects of Immunology, WinRho, Blood/Hemo sales training, for orientation of sales personnel.

Avaya Online Sales Product Training
Online training course to teach Anixter sales personnel about Avaya products.

Expert-based Sales Online Training Modules

Networking for Sales
Online training course to teach sales personnel basics of networks and network technology, for background knowledge in supporting sales process.

Refrigeration – Sales Trainng
Online adaptation of Powerpoint presentation for sales personnel certification.

Sales DB Application
Sales support software program using remote connectivity and sophisticated reporting technology.

Electronics Sales Training Workshops
Five-day workshop curriculum to train company and distributor personnel in electronics products, industry specifications, and consultative sales methods. Used Performance-Centered Learning in small group format, facilitated by company and Cedar personnel. Program was delivered domestically and in far east (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China).

Sales & Distributor Training
Online sales training programs on building materials usage, benefits, and distinguishing characteristics, to training dealer and distributor personnel, using situational case-based learning with digital video and hands-on exercises.

Sales Training 
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Sharpen Your ROI 
Looking for something new to increase your Return On Investment in sales training, and contribute to better sales? The answer is Speed to Proficiency: getting your sales people up to speed faster. How?…
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Blood Glucose Meter Online Sales Rep Training
Roche Corporation
Online training course to teach sales reps how to sell new Blood Glucose meter wireless communication feature. Used PCL approach to present realistic sales situations and negotiate client hospital technical consderations.