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These organizations work for the betterment of their clients and constituents, rather than focusing on “bottom line” results. Here Cedar Interactive helps to bring New Employee Orientation to life, helping learners discover information through case-based scenarios rather than a one-way presentation format. Oftentimes Cedar Interactive has transformed an entire curriculum, increasing speed to competency through a combination of facilitative, virtual, and online tools.

Contact Center Online Training and Learning Management System
Alzheimer’s Association
Design and development of 8 hours blended online, self-instruction and facilitated learning for new contact center representatives, to help callers with Alzheimer’s related issues. Included design and development of custom LMS. Instrumental in successful rollout of Contact Center to national organization and 80 chapters nationwide over a period of three years.

Financial System Online Training
Alzheimer’s Association
Performance-Based online training for chapters on new web-based financial system.

Public Workshops on Disease Prevention and Management
Alzheimer’s Association
Design and development of public workshops: Maintain Your Brain and Partnering With Your Doctor. Workshops delivered hundreds of times nationwide for association mission and funding purposes.

New Employee Orientation
Alzheimer’s Association
Online training to quickly orient new employees to mission, vision and values through case-based learning scenarios. Minimized time to bring new employees up to speed and sharing correct association information and messages.

Not-For-Profit Organization Training Benchmarking Study
Amnesty International
Comparison study conducted to assess client organization compared with similar NFPs. Provided important input to organizational training decision-making process for future training initiatives and methods.

New Employee Orientation Online Training Program
Amnesty International
Online training course to orient volunteers and new employees regarding mission, vision and values through case-based learning scenarios. Minimized time to bring new learners up to speed and sharing correct association information and messages.

Medical Malpractice Risk Management Online Training
American College of Nurse Midwives
Online training system providing two courses (Intrapartum Fetal Assessment and Placental Pathology). Clinical training programs to minimize Risk Management exposure in this high-risk field, includes ecommerce-enabled LMS and in partnership with medical malpractice insurance broker.

Physican Assistant Online Training and LMS
American Association of Physician Assistants (AAPA)
Online training system providing eight online courses, includes ecommerce-enabled LMS and produced in partnership with medical malpractice insurance broker.

Public School Excellence Workshops
National PTA
Workshops and presentations developed to encourage and facilitate adoption of National PTA Schools of Excellence program. Variations and materials for four audiences: Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Volunteers. Included Train-the-trainer and pilot testing.

Case Study – Curriculum Design
These are very complex jobs that entail skill in using SSA systems, policy knowledge and interpersonal skills…
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Case Study – Alzheimer’s Association
With the rapid growth and popularity of this new 24-hour Contact Center service, local association chapters needed Contact Center training…
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Online Training for Local Grant Writing
National PTA
Online training program to encourage local PTA organizations to apply for grants a,d training them in how to do so. Used Performance-Centered Learning cased-based approach.

Website Design
American Library Association
Design of Graphic products section of website.

Website Design and Development
Opportunity Medical

Client Service Representative Training
Social Security Administration
Blended learning training program for SSA personnel using case-based Performance Centered Learning approach. Included including virtual meetings, self-study, video on demand, and online guided simulations and custom learning management system. Program designed for 508 compliance, and resulted in significant increase in speed to proficiency.

Proficiency Measument Tool
Social Security Administration
Analysis and quantification of proficiency metrics for Customer Service Representatives, to facilitate measurement criteria in determining success of training methods and initiatives.