Manufacturing & Industrial

Solutions in the Manufacturing & Industrial Sector

These clients are Manufacturers who create durable goods, equipment and supplies, and the distributors and dealers who represent them. Cedar Interactive helps by providing training that differentiates the manufacturer’s product, as well as differentiates the manufacturer from their competitors by offering training as a value added service. Cedar also leverages computer animation and simulations to demonstrate complex products and processes.

Dealer/Distributor Online Sales Training
USG Corporation
Online sales training programs on building materials usage, benefits, and distinguishing characteristics, to training dealer and distributor personnel, using situational case-based learning with digital video and hands-on exercises.

Electronics Sales Training Workshops
Five-day workshop curriculum to train company and distributor personnel in electronics products, industry specifications, and consultative sales methods. Used Performance-Centered Learning in small group format, facilitated by company and Cedar personnel. Program was delivered domestically and in far east (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China).

Network Basics Online Training
Online training course to teach sales personnel basics of networks and network technology, for background knowledge in supporting sales process.

Avaya Online Sales Product Training
Online training course to teach Anixter sales personnel about Avaya products.

Electrical Safety Online Training
Johnson Controls
Design and prototype of online electrical safety training course.

Refrigeration Online Training
Online adaptation of Powerpoint presentation for sales personnel certification.

Standard Operating Process (SOP) Development
Development of SOPs for food preparation manufacturer.

Sales Training – Electronic Components
To maintain interest and permit practice and application of new content, and to allow
for flexible delivery in overseas situations, training was organized around small group
learning activities that focused on real-life sales situations…
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Dealer/Distributor Training
Organizations that sell product through dealers or distributor networks have unique training challenges… read more