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With so many considerations, what seems like a simple task can become quite complicated, especially when it is part of a mission critical company initiative.

Wouldn’t you like to discuss it with someone who really knows how to piece it all together? Someone with many years of experience designing and implementing successful training in a wide variety of situations? Someone you can count on for creative alternatives to meet your unique situation?

That’s what we do.

With a time-tested analysis and design process, called a Phase One Design, we help organizations:
• Assess their training needs,
• Understand their training solution alternatives, and
• Craft the right training solution(s)

In the Phase One process, we uncover the gap between the current learner and the target expert performer. We interview key stakeholders, target audience members, and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). We review and quantify that information for our clients, then design alternative solutions ideally suited to the organization and its unique situation. These designs are then modified in collaboration with you, to arrive at the perfect training solution.

The Phase One process corresponds to the first two steps (Analysis and Design) in the time-honored ADDIE development process:

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The final Phase One Design document is a blueprint for a program, which will meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and conform to your budget.

The Phase One Design consists of:
• Materials and methods map
• Content design
• Budget
• Schedule
• Workplan

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, so don’t build your training program without a detailed design. To see an example of a completed Phase One Design, please contact us.

Phase I –
Analysis and Design

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