Solutions Serving the Healthcare Industry

Cedar Interactive has worked with hospitals, medical device providers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare associations to provide top quality training. Healthcare professionals need to be well-trained so they can work in an accurate and efficient manner. Using our cognitive science-based approach, healthcare workers are instructed quickly and effectively, and are able to perform their job tasks immediately after training. Other work includes teaching nurses to use glucose monitoring equipment, helping account managers sell new pharmaceuticals, and teaching customer service reps to handle inbound calls on disease states.

Blood Glucose Meter Training and Learning Management System Development
Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center
Online training course on usage of LifeScan SureStep Flex Blood Glucose Monitor Point-of-Care device for RN’s and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s), and development of associated LMS, for compliance documentation of training. One-hour training course and online test replaced previous three-hour instructor led course, and eliminated the need to pull meters off units and floors during training. Saved approximately 3000 hours of training time annually.

Restraints Training
Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center
Online training for RN’s and CNA’s on hospital Restraints policy (2 courses), in hospital policy and procedures for restraining patients, including alternatives to restraints, minimal restraints, proper documentation, following physician orders, and restraints in emergency situations.

“System Excellence” Customer Service Training
Provena Health
Online training course, illustrative style with case-based reasoning exercises.

Women’s Wellness Programs
HealthEd (for Lilly)
Series of instructor-led public workshops, on the subjects of osteoporosis, heart disease, depression, genito-urinary disorders,healthy lifestyles.

Women’s HIV Awareness Workshops (12)
Quadra (for Gilead Sciences)
English and Spanish language workshops providing women with essential information on HIV awareness, and assessment of HIV risk.

Hospital Procedures Online Training
Children’s Memorial Hospital
Analysis and design of simulation-based online training course for physicians and staff to practice standard handoffs and signout procedures, including communication of situation, background, assessment and recommendation for patients.

Alzheimer’s/Student Partnership Workshops
Memory Bridge Foundation
Workshops and curriculum to support pair-bonding program between middle/high school students with persons with Alzheimer’s Disease, to provide therapeutic benefits for Alzheimer’s sufferers and cultural/educational benefits for students.

Operator Training for Blood Separator Device
Instructor-led training program to teach operators how to use a blood separator device, and the software that controls the device. Realistic, task-based activities allow operators to work in small groups and with Trainers to “learn by doing”. The Trainer’s Guide supports both new and experienced trainers, while the Operator’s Workbook supports the hands on activities that operators complete during the training. The Quick Reference Guide is used both during training and then on the job. Assessments confirm that each operator is competent in operating the device.

Point of Care Medical Device Online Training
Roche Corporation
Online training programs to teach nurses and nursing assistants how to use Point-of-Care blood glucose meter and Blood Coagulation systems. Includes hands-on simulations, hospital-customizable courses, and Learning Management System (LMS). Provides marketing differentiation and offloading of nurse training from account manager to online resource. Provided in online and CD-ROM formats.

Point of Care Medication Devices Online Marketing Demonstrations
Roche Corporation
High profile onlne presentations of features and benefits of Blood Glucose meter and Blood Coagulation meters, for distribution on CD-ROM and company website, and use by account managers and inside sales.

Nurse Midwife Online Training and LMS
American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM)
Onilne training system providing two courses (Intrapartum Fetal Assessment and Placental Pathology). Clinical training programs to minimize Risk Management exposure in this high-risk field, includes ecommerce-enabled LMS and in partnership with medical malpractice insurance broker.

Physican Assistant Online Training and LMS
American Association of Physician Assistants (AAPA)
Onilne training system providing eight online courses, includes ecommerce-enabled LMS and produced in partnership with medical malpractice insurance broker.

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Marketing Onboarding Workshops
Major Pharmaceutical Company
Orientation programs for new marketing and sales department employees.

Pharmaceutical Sales Training
Major Pharmaceutical Company
Training workshops for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, to support sales of new cholesterol and renal medicines, among primary care physicians; delivered at annual sales training event and conferences.

Medical Software Online Training Design
MD Scientific
Design of online training module for users of advanced tight glucose monitoring system, included both training and marketing components.

Online Sales Training on Hematology and Related Conditions
Baxter Bioscience
Training modules on subjects of Immunology, WinRho, Blood/Hemo sales training, for orientation of sales personnel.

Marketing Simulation Demonstration for Medical Analyzer
Online hands-on demonstration program, highlighting features and benefits of Osmetech blood gas analyzer for inside sales support.

Remote Sales Database Application
Sales support software program using remote connectgivity and sophisticated reporting technology.

Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Public Workshops
Alzheimer’s Association
Maintain Your Brain and Partnering With Your Doctor public workshops for delivery by Alzheimer’s Association Chapter personnel to general public groups. Includes train-the-trainer and marketing materials, as well as manufacturing of materials.

Hospital and Healthcare Facility Assessment Software
Joint Commission Resources
Development of second edition Accreditation Manager Plus (AMP) database program, sold by JCR to allow hospital to self-assess accreditation, includes updating and uploading utilities.

Marketing Demonstration CD-ROM
Joint Commission Resources
Animated portfolio of JCR products for trade show and web presentation.