Equipment Training & Demonstrations

Solutions for Equipment Training & Demonstrations

When a company that sells a device or piece of equipment, success often depends on how well the customer can learn to use that product. If customers can quickly learn to use the product without mistakes or errors, they will be much more satisfied with their purchase and rely less on support from the vendor. If they have trouble using the product, they will be less satisfied and rely on more support from the vendor, which reduces the vendor’s profit and their ability to sell more in the same market.

At Cedar Interactive we ensure success with realistic scenarios and hands-on simulations to give users practice actually using the equipment or device in realistic situations, thereby preparing them well to perform well when they get back on the job. Online training solutions let people practice using the device even when they do not have immediate access to it.

Operator Training for Blood Separator Device
Instructor-led training program to teach operators how to use a blood separator device, and the software that controls the device. Realistic, task-based activities allow operators to work in small groups and with Trainers to “learn by doing”. The Trainer’s Guide supports both new and experienced trainers, while the Operator’s Workbook supports the hands on activities that operators complete during the training. The Quick Reference Guide is used both during training and then on the job. Assessments confirm that each operator is competent in operating the device.

Point of Care Medical Device Online Training
Roche Corporation
Online training programs to teach nurses and nursing assistants how to use Point-of-cCare blood glucose meter and Blood Coagulation systems. Includes hands-on simulations, hospital-customizable courses, and Learning Management System (LMS). Provides marketing differentiation and offloading of nurse training from account manager to online resource. Provided in online and CD-ROM formats.

Point of Care Medication Devices Online Marketing Demonstrations
Roche Corporation
High profile onlne presentations of features and benefits of Blood Glucose meter and Blood Coagulation meters, for distribution on CD-ROM and company website, and use by account managers and inside sales.

Case Study – Medical Device Training and Certification
These sophisticated, point-of-care testing devices are used by large hospital staffs of nurses and nursing assistants, who perform blood testing at the bedside in the normal course of their daily activities…
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Marketing Demo
Online hands-on demonstration program, highlighting features and benefits of Osmetech blood gas analyzer for inside sales support.

Printer Operation and Maintenance
United Airlines
Bag-tag printer troubleshooting and maintenance, including hands-on simulation of printer operation and parts replacement.