Solutions in Education

These organizations are involved in the business of education, where accurate analysis, solid programs, and well-produced materials are critical to the attainment of long-term foundation abilities.

Online Project Management Course Analysis and Design

Technical Training Workshops
Computer Prep
Instructor-led training workshops on subjects including Javascript, Virus/Malware, Windows Helpdesk, etc. for commercial publisher (Computer Prep) Education. Included preparation and layout of all manuals and materials.

Learning Analysis for School Bookstore Management
Task analysis and subject matter interview of textbook decision-making process, performance recommendations and alternatives, resulting in decision-making process modification and improvements.

Women’s HIV Awareness Workshops (12)
Quadra (for Gilead Sciences)
English and Spanish language workshops providing women with essential information on HIV awareness, and assessment of HIV risk.

Software Application Analysis
Matrices (for University of Chicago)
Project management, interviews and analysis for custom software application designed for university facilities department. Resulted in prime contractor (Matrices) receiving development contract.

Case Study – Grant Writing
If these grant writing skills could be imparted to local chapters, it would offer an excellent
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