Being Engaged is Just the Beginning: Make it Last Using Performance Centered Learning
by Roy Strauss
Training Today, ASTD Chicago, March 2012

To provide good training we need to involve the learner, but just because the learner is engaged (paying attention) it doesn’t mean they are necessarily learning anything useful.
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The Blended Learning Approach
by Roy Strauss
Case study, Chief Learning Officer, August 2008

This training program successfully addressed ongoing training needs and was instrumental in permitting the contact center to roll out smoothly to all the chapters without training becoming an issue or limiting factor. In this way, the blended learning program has been a significant factor in the contact center’s success and has permitted not only a smooth rollout but also faster, more efficient training of individuals and small groups at the local chapter level.
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Web-based Training: Getting Started
by Roy Strauss
Training Today, July/August 1999

Web-Based Training (WBT) promises many benefits, including decreased costs of travel and materials production, easy accessibility of information, self-directed and web-based learning, and amortization of training costs. While the great potential for WBT is apparent, it’s easy to become confused, if not overwhelmed by the wide array of technology options, learning strategies, and technical issues involved in implementing WBT. This article summarizes some of the major Internet technologies to use in training and performance support, including:

  • On-line CBT
  • On-line Reference
  • Performance Support Systems
  • Newsgroups/Discussion lists
  • Chat Sessions
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • E-mail
  • Streaming Video

Not only can these WBT methods be incorporated with other instructional delivery methods, such as instructor led training, but they are not mutually exclusive, and can be combined as needed to serve your training or performance support needs.
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During the process the training team responded extremely well to inputs and needs for corrective action and realignment of the training. Over the complete training period we, as a management team, learned a lot more about how to effectively train and motivate our associates and the need for sustained and ongoing training. We are committed to training and will leverage the work that you have developed. Thanks!!!!!!!

Jeff Boyd


Thanks for your great work on this project. My team found your team to be extremely helpful and competent. This was of great value to us in a time when we needed to switch contractors on this project.

Executive Director, Joint Commission Resources